We have worked with the same trusted vendors for years. We have a multitude of services to help you save time and money without worrying about all the small details. We can offer you the full quality service without frustration.

From musical entertainment to transfer service, from lighting to professional photography, our objective is to assist you through every step of the production.




We have a large selection of Villas, Castles and Borgos where you can plan your event. Each venue will be priced specially according to your needs including  space needed, dates and budget.

Caterer and bar meeting in Italy


We are able to offer catering and bar services with our trusted partners who are able to fulfill your needs. From gala dinners to buffets, from BBQs to bar service, we can cover your needs on food and drinks.


Private transport services are offered based on your needs. We can provide arrival and departure transport to the airport in Italy. We work with large bus services and even offer small group transport services


If your event is in need of music, we can offer anything from a DJ to get you on the dance floor to a classic string quartet during a gala dinner.  We have a multitude of solutions to upgrade your event.


We can offer you audio and visual rental services for your event to help keep everything running smoothly. We can also provide technical help in the event of system failures or other needs.


We can transform your courtyard gala dinner to an illuminated and artistic show complete with projections of the company logo. All our lighting services are at your disposal to create a magic atmosphere


A wine tasting, a run around the auto track, even cycle-trekking are some favorite outside activities that will satisfy your employees’ need for fun giving them a little taste of adventure.


Why not add a little entertainment to your event to help your employees have fun? From magic to jugglers, from fire-eaters to dancers, we can find the right entertainment for you.


Each venue, even as beautiful as it may already be, may need a little decoration. Maybe a bit of the company colors? Our florists are excellent in creating a beautiful ambiance.