Have you ever thought to organize your business meeting or a staff building exercise for your company in Italy?

We can offer you villas, castles and historical residences all with well equipped rooms for meetings and connected activities where you

can combine work and pleasure with your colleagues and employees, family or friends.

Easy to reach with numerous airports, Italy offers modern and high standards of accommodation and meeting rooms often in characteristically unique

buildings, whether in the center of an old town or city or immersed in vineyards or olive groves.

Italy can offer you a good climate, especially from April to September when one could possibly hold open-air meetings plus excellent food and wine to enjoy after a day of conversation.


A summer meeting event is a great occasion to spend time with colleagues who are far from the workplace enjoying a weekend between food, wine, sports and relaxation. We offer the possibility to rent exclusive locations where you can enjoy yourself for two or three days. There is also the possibility of organizing a gala dinner, BBQ, and other activities.


privateeventsPRIVATE EVENTS

If you would like to organize a private event such as a wedding or a fiftieth anniversary or birthday with your close friends and family we are available to assist you. We also accommodate any particular necessities that may arise. Our experience helps us to find the perfect location and entertainment adapted for you. Contact us with your details.



This activity is dedicated to those who want to carry out a tour with business colleagues for periods lasting longer than two or three days. This is a great option for overseas visitors who want to visit more than one location during their stay. We offer mainly planning and coordination of transfer service, lodging, and teambuilding or cultural activities.



If you are in need of a getaway so you can design your business strategies with your top managers, we can offer this solution. We will help you find the right venue in an isolated location where you would be free of distraction and able to concentrate with your managers. In this case, we can offer full services such as boarding and airport or venue transfers. In some cases, lodging would provide small meeting rooms instead of office boardrooms.



Italy is a very diverse country in its geographic composition and is also rich in artistic and historic structures. Contact us to help you for your film production, landscape and location services. We will help you find the perfect backdrop. Mainly, we can help you find exclusive only to us locations where ancient castles and historic villas can help tell the story. Let us know if you need help finding anything in particular, maybe we can be of assistance.