Are you in the process to book your event venue but can’t visit directly?

If you are in the process to book a venue such as a corporate event, summer meeting, stay together, weddings, anniversary, or a general gathering but you can visit personally lets I do it for you.
Booking a venue without a visit can lead to unexpected challenges and disappointments on your event day. Photos and descriptions can often miss critical details about the space, ambiance, and logistical considerations.
Without seeing a venue in person, you risk encountering issues such as inadequate space, unsuitable layout, poor accessibility, or a mismatch with the envisioned theme and style of your event.

These problems can not only compromise the success of your event but also lead to additional stress and potentially higher costs to rectify unforeseen issues.

Here is a broad overview of the potential activities we offer. However, please feel free to contact us to customize them according to your specific needs.

1. Initial Consultation with the Client
Understand your needs: gather detailed information about your vision, preferences, expected guest count, and any specific requirements for the venue
Event Details: discuss the type of event and desired date(s)

2. Venue Research and Shortlisting
Research: based on your criteria and needs, research suitable venues in case you don’t have selected some venues on yourselves

3. Venue Visit and Evaluation
Site Inspection: personally visit each venue to evaluate its suitability. Considering aspects such as:
Aesthetics: assess the venue’s appearance and atmosphere to see if it matches the client’s vision
Facilities and Amenities: check for essential facilities such as rooms and areas, accessibility for guests, and any included amenities
Venue Policies: understand the venue’s policies on vendors and welcoming, catering (in-house or external), and if they have preferred or exclusive vendors for services like decoration, music, and photography.
Availability and Restrictions: Confirm availability for the desired date(s) and understand any restrictions (e.g., noise curfews, decoration limitations)

4. Reporting and Recommendations
Comprehensive Report: prepare a detailed report for each visited venue, including photos, your observations, and how well it meets your criteria.
Recommendations: Offer your professional opinion on which venue(s) would be the best fit for the event, considering all factors.

In essence, while it might seem like an additional expense, hiring a consultant to visit venues on your behalf is an investment in the success and smooth execution of your event.

Please contact us for a personalized estimate tailored to your specific needs at